Seattle Public Library Website Redesign

Redesigned Seattle Public Library website that features what the library offers nowadays - its amazing space and collection of materials. I wanted to accent the architecture of the building and really highlight that throughout the website. I also used the colors that they use throughout the interior of the building as my color palette. The designs were created to be user friendly, with integrated photography, and a responsive design system - school project

An existing SPL Home Page
iPad vertical: SPL Home Page (left) and My SPL Sub Page (right)
iPad horizontal: SPL Home Page (left) and looped slidshow calendar (right)
iPad horizontal: Home Page (left) and Search Page (right)
iPad horizontal: SPL Home Page with article
iPad horizontal: My SPL Sub Page
iPhone: SPL Home Page (left) and Menu option (middle & right)
iPhone: SPL Home Page (left) and Event Image slids up (middle) more details show up (right)
iPhone: Menu option actions
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